Our Schools

We outpace the state and the nation in educational attainment – 58% of us have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 37% of Coloradans and 29% nationally. But that’s not the whole story: a chronic achievement gap persists. Latino kids – and kids who are economically disadvantaged – continue to fall behind their peers.

Achievement Gap

Latino kids and kids from low-income homes are falling behind. And the divide between Latino children and Anglo children is growing. How are we tackling the achievement gap?

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Full Day Kindergarten

How many of our kindergarteners attend a full-day program? Both our school districts lag behind the state, but we’re gaining ground – more kids are getting enrolled and getting ahead.

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Third Grade Reading

Third-grade reading skills predict future learning and success. That’s why disparities in literacy and school achievement matter. And that’s why we need to do more, earlier.

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Higher Ed

We get high marks for higher ed, overall. But Latinos and low-income high school grads are less likely to get a college degree. How do we stack up against the rest of the state?

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Take Action

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